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Software Patents Worldwide Compare Jurisdictions

Select at least 2 jurisdictions and at least 1 topic

1. Select Jurisdiction(s)
  • Australia

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2. Select Topic(s)
  • Software Patents – An Introduction
    • Frequently Asked Questions About Software Patents
    • Introduction to the Legal System
    • Overview of the Software Industry
  • Legal Basis According To the Current Patent Act
    • Patentable (Statutory) Subject Matter
    • Novelty
  • How the Patent Office Interprets the Patent Act
    • Patent Examination Guidelines
    • Specific Guidelines For Software Patents
    • Design Patent Protection For Computer-Generated Icons
  • Historical Development
    • Brief History of National Patent Law
    • Prior Acts and Treaties That Influence Current Patent Law
    • Noteworthy Case Law
  • Noteworthy Fields of Technology and the Scope of Protection Afforded
    • Patentable Fields of Technology
    • Non-Patentable Fields of technology
  • Infringement and Enforcement
    • Statutory Basis For Software Patent Enforcement
    • Jurisdictional Issues
    • How Software Patent Litigation Is Conducted
    • How Damages Are Assessed and Enforced
    • Noteworthy Case Law – Applicable To Enforcement
    • Assessing Risks To Determine When To Settle Litigation
  • Future Directions
    • Where Are We Today
    • A Forecast of the Future